Membership Rewards

Members earn American Express Membership Rewards® points for purchases made with American Express® cards. Each peso or dollar spent equals one Membership Rewards point.


Your next trip is ever closer as you can now convert your Banorte Credit Card (Recompensa Total Banorte Program) points into Premier Kilometers.


Recompensas Inbursa joins Club Premier so you can now transfer all the points you earned by using Inbursa credit cards into Premier Kilometers.


The Invex SiCard Card offers exceptional rewards.


Now the points you earn with your Mifel Visa Gold Card become Premier Kilometers.

Santander Rewards

Recompensas is the Santander loyalty program in Mexico by which cardholders earn 12.5 percent % of the value of their purchases in points.

Santander Brazil SuperBonus

SuperBonus is the Santander Brazil Loyalty Program by which Members earn one bonus point for every dollar charged to the Gold Card. Tarjeta Nacional e Internacional: 1 bono por cada dólar gastado en la tarjeta Tarjeta Gold: 1 Bono por cada dólar gastado en la tarjeta


Convert your Scotia Rewards Plus points into Premier Kilometers.