Club Premier Store

Club Premier created a new space for you. Visit the Club Premier Store located in Santa Fe Shopping Center.
In this new space you will be able to live the Premier experience and learn the many ways you have to earn and use Premier Kilometers.


New building in the Santa Fe Shopping Center Unit 1538. Hours 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm Monday through Sunday.

Interact in the Club Premier Store

Members may book flights, hotel nights and more ...

Club Premier Members will be advised personally about the many ways they have to earn Premier Kilometers (KmP) and the benefits they can turn them into.
Partners may book flights, hotel nights, activities, experiences and acquire unique products with their KmP.

In the Club Premier Store you will find...

Products, Services and more

You will find major companies affiliated to the program including, Gandhi where members may purchase the best books and earn KmP;  La Europea will feature an exclusive selection of bottles that can be bought with KmP; and Café Punta del Cielo will offer coffee to every people enjoying  every corner of this shop.